1. New

    Burlington Christmas Tin Candle


      A Christmas in London with a miscellany of scents. One of our Classic...

  2. New to Manor

    Candle in tin Manor Christmas


    A bowl of Christmas mandarins. It's tangy scent is balanced with a touch of...

  3. New to Village

    Candle in tin Village Christmas


    Our traditional Christmas fragrance of conifer and spice. Our Walled Garden...

  4. Walled Garden

    Chamomile Tin Candle


    Calming and soothing, top notes of Citrus giving way to the mellow perfume of...

  5. Walled Garden

    Cucumber Tin Candle


    Soft, watery top notes give way to Melon, Jasmine and Magnolia with a finish of...

  6. Walled Garden

    Posy Tin Candle


    Delicately fresh and leafy, evocative of the english garden in bloom. Our...

  7. Walled Garden

    Garden Rose Tin Candle


    A rose blooms against the old stone. Hints of Geranium, Jasmine and wood. Our...

  8. Walled Garden

    Lavender Tin Candle


    Soothing & relaxing, the sensation of walking through rolling banks of...

  9. Walled Garden

    Lemon Tree Tin Candle


    In the manor house, Lemon trees neatly planted out in Versailles boxes. Our...

  10. Walled Garden

    Natural Sage Tin Candle


    The spirit of fresh herbs on the breeze. A bunch of fresh Sage, Thyme and...

  11. Walled Garden

    Orchard Tin Candle


    The freshness of crisp Apple, trees bright with pastel coloured blossom. Our...

  12. Walled Garden

    Oranges & Lemons Tin Candle


    Favourite exotic fruit in an English garden. The marriage of sparkling fresh...

  13. Walled Garden

    Stem Ginger Tin Candle


    A recollection of the first taste of Ginger, warm and honeyed with a citrus...

  14. Walled Garden

    Rhubarb tin Candle


    We love rhubarb, from the huge curling leaves and delicate rose pink stems. Our...

  15. Walled Garden

    Vine Tomato Tin Candle


    Tomatoes slowly ripening, plump on the vine. The fragrance of leaf and fruit....

  16. Walled Garden

    Wild Mint Tin Candle


    An invigorating breeze of sweet Mint with a hint of Basil. Our Walled Garden...