1. Manor

    Amber Classic Candle


    A warm and seductive fragrance, a pure indulgence. One of our Classic candles,...

  2. Manor

    Blackcurrant Classic Candle


    Cassis with a hint of Clove and Jasmine mixed with Moss to create this perfume....

  3. Manor

    Black Lily Classic Candle


    A garden at night. An exotic blend of Violets, Jasmine, Lily and Vanilla....

  4. Manor

    English Garden Classic Candle


    Memories of garden parties and afternoon tea. Basil, black pepper and...

  5. Manor

    Fig Classic Candle


    The sensuous sweetness and velvety texture are recalled in this warm and deep...

  6. Manor

    Library Classic Candle


    A smoky blend of Cedar and Sandalwood with a little birch tar amber and moss....

  7. Manor

    Orangery Classic Candle


    A Victorian orangery shielding precious citrus trees from the English weather....

  8. Manor

    Sacristy Classic Candle


    Memories of wood panelling and leather bound prayer books in wardour chapel. A...

  9. Manor

    A Bowl of Mandarins Classic Candle


    The captivating perfume of citrus is released the instant the fruit is peeled....

  10. Manor

    Cabinet of Curiousities Classic Candle


    A collection of extraordinary objects, favourite keepsakes from our travel far...

  11. New to Manor

    Classic Candle Bramble


    Blackberries from the rambling brambles in the hedgerow. Berry stained fingers...

  12. New to Manor

    Classic Candle English Summer


    The sun fades from ornage to purple, suntan lotion lingers on warm skin,...

  13. Manor

    Portobello Oud Classic Candle


    Memories of our candle stall among a myriad of others selling exotic food &...

  14. Manor

    Rose Absolute Classic Candle


    Handfuls of soft petals gathered after the rain, found strewn across the lawn...

  15. Manor

    True Jasmine Classic Candle


    The fragrance of Jasmine as it should be. One of our Classic candles, made from...

  16. Manor

    Tuberose Classic Candle


    Decadent and sensuous Tuberose flowers in full bloom. One of our Classic...

  17. Manor

    Vetiver Classic Candle


    A hint of wood, A touch of smoke and a fresh rush of citrus. One of our Classic...