1. New Village

    Cedarwood 250ml Diffuser Refill


    The majestic cedar stands in the garden. A makeshift swing hangs from a large...

  2. Village

    Chesil Beach Diffuser Refill 250ml


    On the beach, watching the changing skies, sun bleached pebbles and driftwood....

  3. Village

    Fig Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    The sensuous sweetness and velvety texture are recalled in this warm and deep...

  4. Village

    Green Fig Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    Reminiscent of a late August evening, a plate piled high with fresh figs. Our...

  5. Village

    Green Tea & Citrus Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A citrus blend of Lime and Bergamot capturing the essence of lofty sub-tropical...

  6. Village

    Jasmine Tea Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A deep and sensuous aroma with a heart of Bergamot. Our Diffuser Refill has...

  7. Village

    Moroccan Rose Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    Floral notes and woody base tones become the memories of the bloom on a tea...

  8. Village

    Rainstorm Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A sudden downpour stops, the sun casts light through the clouds and the earth...

  9. Village

    Rosemary & Eucalyptus Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A classic exhilarating, herbal mixture of woody Rosemary with earthy and fresh...

  10. Village

    Wild Lime Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A citrus fragrance that is immediately stimulating, yet warm and comforting....

  11. Village

    Seashore Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A bracing walk on the clifftops and the light-headed feeling of being by the...

  12. Village

    White Tea Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    Bergamot and Lime with the softness and warmth of Rose and Vanilla. Our...

  13. Manor

    Amber Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A warm and seductive fragrance, a pure indulgence. Our Diffuser Refill has been...

  14. New to Manor

    English Summer Diffuer Refill 250ml


    The sun fades from orange to purple, suntan lotion lingers on warm skin,...

  15. Manor

    Black Lily Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A garden at night. An exotic blend of Violets, Jasmine, Lily and Vanilla,...

  16. Manor

    Blackcurrant Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    Cassis with a hint of Clove and Jasmine mixed with Moss to create this perfume....

  17. Manor

    English Garden Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    Memories of garden parties and afternoon tea. Basil, black pepper and...

  18. Manor

    Room Diffuser Refill 250ml Fig


    A softly smoked apothecary bottle, full of beautiful fragrance. As the bundle...

  19. Manor

    Gardenia Manor Diffuser refill 250ml


    A bright floral blend of Jasmine, Gardenia and Amber. Our Diffuser Refill has...

  20. Manor

    Library Room Diffuser Refill 250ml


    A smoky blend of Cedar and Sandalwood with a little birch tar, Amber and moss....