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True Grace Home Candle Workshop



The True Grace Home Candle Workshop contains everything you need to make six candles, including fool-proof instructions, a Youtube Film and even a wax melting pan. We have chosen three of our best-selling fragrances for the True Grace Candle Workshop: Fig, Portobello Oud, A Bowl of Mandarins*


Six glasses

3 bottles of Fragrance 3 X 24 grams (Fig, Portobello Oud, A Bowl of Mandarins*)

Wax Thermometer

Specially designed Wax melting pan 

Adhesive dots


Wick centralisers 

Natural rapeseed Wax

Fragrance labels


Sensuous sweetness, velvety texture and deep colour are all recalled in this warm fragrance. Musk and cedarwood balance lighter cassis and mandarin.
Where it all began for us. Memories of our candle stall among a myriad of others selling exotic food, spices and antique leather furniture.
The captivating perfume of citrus is released the instant the fruit is peeled, its tangy scent balanced with a touch of warm and woody cinnamon.
Please note that the ratio of wax, fragrance and wick size have been carefully formulated to comply with all necessary safety regulations and standards, including EN 15493-19, EN15494-19 and EN 15426.
We STRONGLY advise you to
- Adhere to the wax/fragrance ratios provided in the home candle work shop
- Not replace the True Grace fragrance oil provided with an alternative fragrance oil
- Not mix different fragrance oils together or increase the level of fragrance
Please be advised that any deviation from the formulation as it has been provided and is specified in the instructions can result in a candle which does not comply with the safety standards and regulations as mentioned above, making it a potential fire hazard. Problems when burning the candle, including high flames and shattered glassware, may occur.
Also make sure to 
- Never melt the wax directly on the hob
- Never leave wax unattended as heating the wax over 80 degrees may result in a fire. 
Overheating the wax should be avoided at all costs so do make sure to use our thermometer while heating the wax. To do this, please remove the thermometer from its protective case and place it directly into the wax melting pan. The water level in the double boiler should be sufficient to reach the underside of the wax pan. The handle of the wax melting pan can become hot, we advise using an oven glove or similar when handling the pan.
* Please note, unfortuantely due to stock limitations A Bowl of Manadarins may be substitued for Orangery



The first time you burn your True
Grace candle, allow it to burn for
at least 2 hours and no more than
4 hours, until the whole top is liquid
with wax. This will help your candle
burn more evenly the next time.

Classic Candle: burn time 40 hours
Small Bowl: burn time 50 hours
Medium Bowl: burn time 60 hours
Large Bowl: burn time 80 hours
Tin: burn time 40 hours
Dining candle: burn time 12 hours
Before lighting your True Grace
candle, trim the wick to 0.5cm.
After lighting keep wick trimmed
to 0.5cm.


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