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Mystery Fragrance Parcel



The Mystery Fragrance Parcel is, as you might expect, something of a mystery. The exact contents will remain a surprise until its arrival! For a rarely seen discounted price, you will receive a parcel comprised of a selection of the following items: At least two 190g Classic Candles and a 225g Small Bowl Candle, plus a selection of scented leaves, toiletries or accessories. Fragrances will be selected from our current range, our Christmas collection and special edition outlet lines. 

Taking a chance with a Mystery Parcel not only means you’re guaranteed to receive at least £60 worth of product for only £30, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to discover, and fall in love with new True Grace fragrances.

Please note, all products will be packaged individually alongside any other items you may order. Products featured within the image are purely for example purposes, and are not guaranteed. Occasionally items may be unboxed and products may have minor imperfections but all have been checked to ensure they are fit for use. Please be aware this is the third release of our Mystery Fragrance Parcels and guranteed contents has changed from our previous releases.


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