1. New Village

    Cedarwood Roomspray


    The majestic cedar stands in the garden. A makeshift swing hangs from a large...

  2. Village

    Fig Roomspray


    The sensuous sweetness and velvety texture are recalled in this warm and deep...

  3. Village

    Green Fig Roomspray


    Reminiscent of a late August evening, a plate piled high with fresh figs. A...

  4. Village

    Green Tea & Citrus Roomspray


    A citrus blend of Lime and Bergamot capturing the essence of lofty sub-tropical...

  5. Village

    Jasmine Tea Roomspray


    A deep and sensuous aroma with a heart of Bergamot. A home scent created by...

  6. Village

    Moroccan Rose Roomspray


    Floral notes and woody base tones become the memories of the bloom on a tea...

  7. Village

    Rosemary & Eucalyptus Roomspray


    A classic exhilarating, herbal mixture of woody Rosemary with earthy and fresh...

  8. Village

    Seashore Roomspray


    A bracing walk on the clifftops and the light-headed feeling of being by the...

  9. Village

    White Tea Roomspray


    Bergamot and Lime with the softness and warmth of Rose and Vanilla. A home...

  10. Village

    Wild Lime Roomspray


    A citrus fragrance that is immediately stimulatin, yet warm and comforting. A...