True Grace Founders Roger and Philippa
True Grace are makers and purveyors of candles and other beautifully perfumed goods.
Combining the finest natural ingredients and a love of English fragrance, we create and "Essence of England, As It Should Be", in everything we make.
Carefully curated collections of evocative fragrances blended by English perfumers and sustainably sourced raw materials combine with the beauty and for, of our exquisite hand blown glass vessels.

Making scented candles for many years for some of the worlds most respected brands, Philippa and Roger Biles founded True Grace in 2003 to celebrate their love of fine fragrance and make use of their wealth of knowledge. From a stall in Portobello market in West London, True Grace quickly became well known for wonderful home fragrance and was soon stocked by department stores and lifestyle shops around the world. 
Today, True Grace products continue to be made by hand in their own carbon neutral factory near Philippa and Roger's home in the Wiltshire countryside.



The name True Grace reflects the honesty and the beauty at the heart of our company. Our choice of raw materials and approach to manufacture enhances the quality of everything we produce.




We believe that perfume is strongly associated with memory and emotion. We capture some of these special memories through our scents, inspired by our life in the country, which immediately evokes nature, architecture or simply a feeling.



We believe in employing the age-old methods of creating candles, using traditional skills and pouring our candles by hand. 



We care for our environment, from using renewable and ecologically sound waxes in our scented candles to ensuring our factory is entirely self-sufficient in energy production.




All of our products are handmade in our own factory, powered by green energy.

We are one of the few true candle makers in England. Based in Wiltshire, our factory is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly, powered by a combination of solar power, through panels installed on the roof, and renewable bio-mass.

We strive to maintain carbon neutrality, to reduce our CO2 emissions and prevent contributing to manmade climate change.  


 Our scented candles are hand-poured, using a blend of renewable vegetable and natural waxes. The unique combination that we use produces more oxygen than a typical paraffin or soy wax candle, producing better air quality and very little soot. The wick is pure cotton, burning more cleanly than a man-made nylon core. Natural wax for an even and clean burn.

A renewable, sustainable crop, responsible for the fields of yellow throughout England's countryside. Our rapeseed is sourced in Europe and is GM-free. A very soft wax , with a smooth finish, softening the other waxes in the blend and allowing for a lower burning temperature.  
Traditionally used for hundreds of years in candles, beeswax removes impurities and balances the consistency of the wax, increasing the burn time.
This is at the heart of our wax recipe and is what makes True Grace candles so special, ensuring the candles burn cleanly and perfume beautifully. 

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